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The RPS 100 is our annual countdown to our all-time favorite PC games, and this year we’re finally doing it at a reasonable time – in this semi-silent lull between notE3 and Gamescom, and definitely not in October, when it’s the real silly season for end-of-year releases. And like last year, we’re bringing back our Readers Edition so you too can join in the never-ending debate over which is the number one good PC game of all time. So vote now for your favorite PC games of all time, to be published in a separate list that will be yours and yours alone. Here’s how to get involved.

To vote for your favorite PC games of all time, we’ve created a Google form where you can list the names of your top 10 best games of all ages. We have also integrated the form below, so you can fill it out right here in this article.

All you have to do is write the names of the games you want to vote for in the boxes provided, starting with 10 and ending with your ultimate number 1.

Please try to use the full and official name of the game if you can, just to try and weed out a lot of repeat entries from the same set with slightly different spellings. If in doubt, check how it’s featured on Steam.

Your first choice will receive ten points, your second choice will receive nine points, and so on, with your tenth choice receiving one point. Those votes will then go into a big spreadsheet, and we’ll tally them all up to create your own RPS 100 Reader Edition list, which we’ll publish in a separate article once our team-voted version is live on the site.

To help make it even more special, we’re also asking voters to contribute around 100 words about why they like the choices they picked. I should point out that it’s not mandatory – you can always vote without doing so – but we’ll include those comments in the article if you’d like to say a few words about why this game is your ultimate favorite (which is also why we ask you to provide your RPS name/username, so we can attribute those comments to the right people). We’ve also given you the option to write a bit for all of your games this year, rather than just your number one like last year’s list, to make sure that every game that gets voted on has at least a few words next to it (because some seemed pretty lonely last year!).

That’s it! I’m excited to see which games make the cut and, more importantly, how they stack up against the games on our own list. It won’t be a one-time thing either – the RPS 100: Reader’s Edition will be an annual event, just like our own list, so if you find this post in a week and missed the cut-off, fear not. There’s always next year.

To vote, be sure to complete this form by 5:00 p.m. BST on Friday, July 28.

Thanks again and happy voting!


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